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3 hours

Trekking Information

  • Departure days: Wednesday & Friday
  • Lasting: 4 hours
  • Localization: Lanzarote
  • Accessibility: For further information see the FAQs section, or click here
  • Tickets: Not neccesary 
  • Dresscode: Suitable clothing and footwear according to season. In winter a sweater or light jacket is recommended.
  • Pickups: This tour has pick up points in the following tourist areas of Lanzarote:
    • 08:45-09:05 hours: Costa Teguise.
    • 09:10-09:15 hours: Arrecife.
    • 09:15 hours: Playa Honda.
    • 09:25-09:50 hours: Puerto del Carmen.
    • 09:50-09:55 hours: Puerto Calero.
    • 09:20-10:05 hours: Playa Blanca.
  • Without collection:
    Meeting point: Church of Mancha Blanca. Time: 09:50

    Location: https://goo.gl/maps/5tbf3pis4adcdza3A

Clothing and footwear appropriate depending on season. In winter pullover or light jacket.

Short Description

If you love nature and hiking, we have a tailor-made excursion that is perfect for enjoying the beautiful surroundings that the Volcanoes National Park and Timanfaya National Park offer.

A different route than the traditional bus or car routes, this tour offers the opportunity to know and understand the constant revival of life through the lava that emerged from the volcanoes, as well as the formations that have been caused for years by volcanic eruptions. they remain in perfect condition thanks to the dry climate that the island of Lanzarote has. Undoubtedly a unique and unparalleled place in the Canary Islands, which will now offer the opportunity to enjoy on foot and in total contact with nature.

The route has a length of approximately 7 km and is considered a medium-low level of difficulty, so it is not essential to have a lot of experience walking this route. If you are a beginner and would like to try the world of hiking, we cannot think of a better way than this, in this beautiful place like the south of the island of Lanzarote in the unique Volcanoes Natural Park and Timanfaya Natural Park. The estimated duration of this walking route is 3 hours

For more comfort, this tour has several collection points in the following areas, such as: Costa Teguise, Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca

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A different route from the traditional bus or car

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Adult (> 11 years) Costa Teguise to Puerto Calero

Child (<11 years) Costa Teguise to Puerto Calero

Adult (> 11 years) Playa Blanca

from Playa Blanca

Child (<11 years) Playa Blanca

from Playa Blanca

Adult (> 11 years)

No pickup

Child (<11 years)

No pickup


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