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30-60 min

FlyBoard Information

  • Excursion days: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday
  • Lasting time: 30-60 min
  • Place: Puerto Calero, Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca. Lanzarote
  • Accesibility: For further information, click here
  • Tickets: Not necessary.
  • Clothing:  Informal. shoes, bathing suit, sun lotion, and towel .
Informal clothing. Shoes, bathing suit, sunlotion and towel.

Short Description

One of the watersports activities of fashion on the beaches around the world comes to the Canary Islands and more specifically to Lanzarote. Undoubtedly one of the activities that you should not miss during your vacation on this volcanic island. Learn the technique that the instructor will give you and enjoy this beautiful and fun sport.

For 30 or 60 minutes you can feel what it is like to float in the air thanks to the propulsion with water, one of the most amazing sensations you can experience without the need for great physical exertion. Immerse yourself in water and float as often as you want, it gives you the feeling of really being able to fly, a very special feeling in an idyllic environment such as the island of Lanzarote. you reach a height of around 10 m during the flight!

Surprise your family and friends and come and enjoy a spectacular day together while you can try out the flyboard, which is more fun than trying this new activity together with them on the beautiful island of Lanzarote.

Practicing Fly Board is also good for you, because it helps you to keep control of your body, what you need to move, turn and float after being immersed. It requires no minimum of experience because it is very easy to learn and up to 95% manage to get up and get back on track.

We can confirm that with this activity it is already possible to fly like a bird or swim like a dolphin. If you come with friends, don't forget to bring your camera so that you can take a few snapshots of the moment.

We are convinced that you will want to repeat this several times.

It is a targeted activity for people older than 18 years or 10 years with parental consent


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In addition to the island of volcanoes, Lanzarote is a great island for water sports. This is also a new sport that you will have the opportunity to enjoy.

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