Northern Treasures Express




Northern Treasures Express

  • Departure Days: Monday and Friday in Spanish, english or german
  • Duration: 6 hours aprox
  • Location: Lanzarote
  • Accessibility: Level 0: Not adapted for people with reduced mobility.  - Cueva de los verdes is not recommended for people with claustrophobia. Time in the Cave is limited by the Tourist Centre, so clients must be able to keep up with the guide and not lag behind so as not to disturb other groups.
  • Tickets included in the price: 
    • Ticket to Jameos del Agua
    • Ticket to Cueva de los Verdes
  • Clothing: Appropriate clothing and footwear according to the season. In winter a pullover or light jacket is recommended.
  • Pick-ups: This tour includes pick-up points in the following tourist areas of Lanzarote:
    • 08:20 - 08:45: Costa Teguise // Arrival Approximate arrival: 14:00h.
    • 08:45 - 08:50: Arrecife // Arrival: 14:15 p.m. Approximate arrival time: 14:15.
    • 08:50: Playa Honda // Arrival Approximate arrival time: 14:20h.
    • 08:50 - 09.00: Puerto del Carmen // Arrival Approximate arrival time: 14:30h.
    • 08:40: Puerto Calero // Approximate arrival: 14:45h.
    • 07:50 - 08:15: Playa Blanca // Approximate arrival: 15:00h.
  • Pick-up and drop-off times are approximate and may be affected by external factors such as group size, incidents during the tour and/or other variables beyond our control.
Appropriate clothing and footwear according to season. In winter pullover or light jacket.

Short Description

Discover the best attractions in the north of Lanzarote on this excursion! 

We head to the north of Lanzarote to start our tour to two of César Manrique's best works: Jameos del Agua and Cueva de los Verdes, but first, we make a few stops.

First, we visit the Mirador de Las Nieves, from where we find incredible views of La Graciosa and the Chinijo Archipelago. Heading towards Haría, we pass by the Corona Volcano: let yourself be amazed by the volcano that hatched and formed the Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua (remodelled by the artist to combine nature and art).

Before reaching the jewels of the north, we will enjoy the panoramic view of the village of Haría and the Valley of the Thousand Palm Trees.

We visit Cueva de los Verdes: the longest lava tube in the world, where we discover the volcanic nature that has always existed in the works of César Manrique. This work of César Manrique gives the sensation of entering the bowels of Mother Earth and leaves a unique and unforgettable impression. A distinctive feature of this tunnel is its natural origin, the result of lava flows from the eruption of the Corona volcano.

On our next visit, we will move on to Jameos del Agua: the first work of César Manrique which inspired much of the Lanzarote-born artist's subsequent work on the island.

Jameos del Agua* is a unique enclave in the world after the lava from the Corona volcano collapsed the roof of its volcanic tube. The tunnel is 6 km long, of which at least 1.5 km run under the Atlantic Ocean thanks to its proximity to the sea.

Upon entering you will be greeted by a small Jameo with large ferns. This unique Jameo has a charming cafeteria that blends in with its surroundings.  Jameos del Agua features a unique endemic crab (Munidopsis Polimorpha), characterised by being blind, albino and measuring less than 1 cm. 

After climbing the carved stone staircase and admiring the garden walls that accompany us, the architectural genius of César Manrique, and the stone ceilings of both rooms that act as a connection between them, leave us with an impressive image. 

Leaving the large Jameo, we find a room in which we can appreciate a long crystalline pool surrounded by palm trees and cactus that leave us with an impressive image to photograph. Just behind, we find the auditorium: a magical place where concerts and shows are held. 

Once this visit is over, we head back to the hotels.

*Please help us to protect the environment: It is strictly forbidden to throw coins or other objects into the inner lagoon and to swim.


Itinerary (approx. 6 hours)

  • Viewpoint of Las Nieves 
  • Jameos del Agua* (55 mins approx.)
  • Cueva de los Verdes (55 mins approx)


*Jameos del Agua is a natural environment where bathing is forbidden.

We explore the treasures of the north of Lanzarote in one tour!

After finishing with the pick up in the tourist areas, we head towards the north of Lanzarote to start the tour.

Following the road that takes us directly to the Corona Volcano, we will find wonderful views of the island of La Graciosa from the Mirador de las Nieves. Take out your cameras and take home the best memories! Once we reach the first stop, the Corona Volcano, we can enjoy this creation of nature and imagine how the explosion of the crater could have been. This volcano was the creator of what are now the two wonderful works of César Manrique on the island: Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua.

Before heading to visit the parks and see the formations left by the eruption of the Corona Volcano, we will pass through the beautiful village of Haría and the Valley of the Thousand Palm Trees. Here we will have the opportunity to marvel at the panoramic view offered by this area of the island of Lanzarote.

Once we leave Haría and the Valley of Las Mil Palmeras, the bus will take us to the first Natural Park: Cueva de los Verdes*, which is known for being the longest lava tunnel in the world. Once we set foot inside the cave we will have the impression of being in the very bowels of Mother Earth, as we will be totally enveloped by the walls of the volcanic tube, whose natural origin is the path of the lava expelled by the Corona Volcano. 

The route that we will follow in the cave is divided into three areas: the Hall of the Stettes, the Throat of Death and the Mora Gate, and you will also discover a curious auditorium where concerts are held thanks to the incredible acoustic conditions. But that's not all!We will finish the route with a deep cliff inside the cave itself, where we must be very attentive and discover its mystery. But do not reveal its secret!

After leaving the deep and impressive cave, we head to our last stop: Jameos del Agua**. This natural wonder originated when the roof of the volcanic tube through which the lava of the Corona Volcano passed collapsed (this hole formed by the sinking is what is known by the Guanche word Jameo) creating a place as special as unique in the world. With a length of 6 km, of which at least 1.5 km run under the Atlantic Ocean, is the part of it that is closest to the coast.

This natural space is formed by three jameos. As soon as we enter, we will come across the Jameo Chico, here is where we find the park's restaurant full of charm that has managed to merge with the environment. Passing it, we enter what is known as the Tunnel of Atlantis: a beautiful and magical lagoon that is the natural habitat of a unique and endemic species of crabs (Munidopsis Polimorpha), which is characterized by being blind, albino and measure less than one centimeter.These small and unique living creatures are known as Clicos.

We will enjoy the ingenuity of César Manrique as we climb the stairs carved into the stone, admiring how nature and art merge.

As we continue moving forward we enter the Jameo Grande. Here we will discover a beautiful pool of crystal blue waters on a background of a subtle white color. This space is surrounded by native flora, among which are the famous Canary Island palm trees and a variety of cacti.

Finally, after passing the swimming pool, we will find an original auditorium. Its stage is located inside the volcanic tube and it is here where we can admire the third Jameo, the Jameo de la Cazuela, where you can enjoy different concerts and shows.

The mixture of its natural acoustics and the softness of its lighting leaves no one indifferent, you can't miss it!

*It is important to note that its rocky walls and floors and the low light due to its depth, does not make it suitable for people with claustrophobia or any mobility problem.

**Help us to protect your environment: Jameos del Agua is a natural environment in which it is totally forbidden to throw coins or other objects into the lagoon and bathe.

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Don't miss this tour to visit the North of the island and enjoy the most important points: Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua.

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