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You have landed on a unique island not only due to its landscapes but also for everything it offers you. If you still do not know what to do on Lanzarote, let us guide you through the most beautiful and spectacular corners of this island.

We know that when you arrive to a place that you do not know, it is not easy to decide what to do and especially to be able to find the best offer to save time, money and at the same time offer the best combination of attractions in one day. Your holidays with your family and friends are truly unforgettable with the excursions that we offer you.

Let us guide you to discover the best of LANZAROTE, probably the best excursion program that you can find and with a really unbeatable price value.

LANZAROTE (A few small brushstrokes on the island)

Lanzarote is an island of multicolored volcanic lands that has managed to link unique landscapes in the world with a minimalist intervention of man in its landscape. On Lanzarote you breathe peace and enjoy a very special silence. Sighting its beautiful corners seduces you and invites you to disconnect in order to recharge you of energy during your stay in this mini paradise.

Its peculiar landscapes form an ecosystem recognized internationally as a heritage of the BIOSPHERE by UNESCO and have made Lanzarote a world-known destination. An ideal environment where to relax and get lost for its volcanoes, jameos (caves) or virgin volcanic beaches.

If you are an athlete, this is your island. Given the long, sunny days that Lanzarote enjoys throughout the year, athletes from all over Europe choose this island as the ideal destination for cycling, jogging, running, swimming, sailing and all kinds of water sports.

Welcome to the island of Lanzarote !!!

What to do during your vacation? We recommend you our Land Excursions. You can not leave Lanzarote without having seen, amongst others, the following highlights:

  1. Timanfaya National Park (Fire Mountains)
  2. Jameos del Agua
  3. Cave of the Greens
  4. Charco de los Clicos
  5. Cesar Manrique Foundation
  6. The viewpoint of El Río
  7. La Geria (A unique wine region in the world)